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Snap on Smile Dentists Los AngelesAre your teeth worn or discolored? Are they chipped, cracked or damaged? Do you have missing teeth that leave unsightly gaps in your smile? Snap On Smile can help. Our Snap on Smile dentist in Los Angeles can customize a fast, easy smile solution that fits your life.

Snap On Smile is an alternative to more invasive, more expensive cosmetic procedures. It can be used to correct the appearance of a range of dental issues, including:

  • Gaps - Gaps are often due to a discrepancy between the size of the teeth and the size of the jaw. They can occur naturally or as a result of lost teeth, which often cause the remaining teeth to drift and shift.
  • Stains - Discolored teeth can often be enhanced using teeth whitening procedures, but these treatments may not work on all types of stains, including tetracycline stains and discolorations associated with dental trauma.
  • Misaligned teeth - Uneven teeth can include overly crowded or crooked teeth, which can significantly detract from a patient’s overall appearance.
  • Worn Teeth - Worn enamel can have a variety of causes, including bruxism, aggressive brushing, improper bleaching techniques or age.
  • Missing teeth - Lost teeth can decrease your feelings of confidence and affect your overall appearance.

Los Angeles Snap on Smile Dentist

Our Los Angeles Snap on Smile dentist can help restore your confidence and beautiful smile in just a few weeks. Snap on Smile requires no shots, no drilling and no uncomfortable procedures. You will have the opportunity to design your smile just the way you want it by choosing the color and the shapes that best flatter you. Our Snap on Smile dentists in Los Angeles will then take dental impressions that will be used by the Snap on Smile lab to craft your new smile.

When your new smile is finished, you will be ready to show it off. It really is that simple: you can easily wear them just as you would wear a retainer, and it is so secure you can even eat while wearing it. Contact our Los Angeles Snap on Smile dentists today to learn more or to schedule your consultation.

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